What’s going on that I don’t know about?

Full moons? Not sure….because I’m in bed by that time.

People turning into Werewolves? Who knows. I can’t tell with all the beard craze going on.

WHY is EVERYONE on edge?

Today I went to the grocery store. Two people got into an argument in the line next to me about who was there first. And on the WAY to the store, the person in the car in front of me had road rage at the person in front of HER. This doesn’t even TOUCH what’s going on with TV, FOX News, CNN, or Facebook. Everyone is on a rant.

In my case, I was not only on EDGE yesterday, I was on the LEDGE. As in, ready to jump. You working women know what I mean……work, the phones….everything going wrong, toilet paper off the roll in the bathroom when you walk in, trash turned over, co-workers and their periods, dishes in the sink, you know…the perfect storm…irritations pile up and you want to blow a gasket.

“You gonna let satan steal your joy?”….this is usually my thought that comes to my mind when I take a minute to catch my breath and re-evaluate why I’m here on the Earth.

“Is it THAT bad? Do you have feet to walk with? Do you have hands to dial your phone? Can you read? Is there food on your table?”, “Did you have a newly diagnosed case of ALS, and are home in bed and can’t move?”.


Those are mostly words from my mentor, who refuses to be named in my blogs, and, also, my Mother. Without them, I’m PRET-TY sure that I’d still be whining all day, everyday. My mentor is great at reminding me who I am and WHOSE I am…….my Mother has great advice, too, but she would also like it if we lived in the time of The Godfather, so you can see where I get a bit twisted.

“It’s all about PERSPECTIVE”.

Was satan (notice I don’t capitalize his name–he’s not worth my big letters) stealing my joy yesterday? Yes, all the way up until I REALIZED he was stealing my joy. And then I was hacked off, because I was letting him in my head and he was squeezing in again, and, he WAS, in fact, stealing my joy. Which happens a LOT if you don’t PRAY.


I forgot to pray yesterday!!!

I was too busy yesterday morning. My routine was off. I had to stop and pick up some things before work, and I was totally off my schedule.

Every morning on my way to the office, I have a 20 or so minute commute. I drive down my street, all through town, and by the time I hit the Interstate and my cruise control, I start my morning prayer time with God.

My whole day yesterday went to pot……until I realized I didn’t pray, and then I had to laugh. No wonder!

That’s how EASY it is for satan to get in and wreak havoc. I’ve talked about depression before, but that’s how EASY it is for satan to take over. When I hear about people who take their own lives it makes me very sad but so very thankful that I have overcome that with God’s help. I literally had to pray every time I had a bad thought. I had to exercise that like a muscle, and in doing so, I became stronger. And it took years!!! But I was devoted because my true friends who loved and cared for me was willing to stand by and work through it with me—that and they had had enough and knew that I had patterns and they pointed them out to me. It wasn’t easy for them. It hasn’t been easy for me, but there are no words to express the FREEDOM I feel.

I had to talk to myself and convince myself that I was the strong one……greater was He that is in me than he that is in the world….and that satan wasn’t cheating me out of what God had planned for my life. I’ve wanted to take my own life. I’ve wanted to check out. I’ve wanted to be out of pain. I’ve had relatives that have taken their own life. I’ve been in that barrel, on the very bottom with no way out. I was not in my right mind and unless you’ve been there, you can’t truly understand people with depression. Someone saying “snap out of it” doesn’t really help….in fact, it makes it worse because you realize that NO ONE understands.

Thank God for prayer…..I can do ALL THINGS. The Bible doesn’t say “I can all things except depression.” All things. EVERY THING. Isn’t that amazing to think about? Everything can be overcome with God’s help. That’s why when we try to do it ourselves, we don’t get as far, and it’s twice as hard.

Same thing with having bad days. Are you praying for those around you? Your family? Co-workers who you’re with sometimes 24 hours a day, because sometimes that’s what it feels like because you spend so much time with them at work? People that you SAY you’ll pray for? People that you SAY you will pray for on Facebook? Covering yourself in mind, body and soul? Asking for a hedge of protection as you drive or protection for the buildings that you go into, or protection as you enter the Wal-Mart on Penn and Memorial? Seriously, sometimes my 20 or so minute drive isn’t enough to get my stuff prayed over.

HE gives us so much. I really miss out when I don’t devote my time to him. It draws me close…..he will draw nigh unto us if we draw nigh unto him. And when I pray in the morning, I tend to pray more during the day and at night.

So….tomorrow and especially over the holidays……when there might just possibly be someone you come in contact with that makes you want to go postal, pray.

Pray it up! You can’t pray enough.

And get off your phone at the table. It’s rude.


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